An Exhaustive Account of Viktor Blom’s Life

Viktor Blom, popularly known as Isildur1 within the poker world, has amassed a fortune in online poker by using incredibly aggressive strategies, and he is noted for his success. Because he has had so much success playing No-Limit Texas Hold’em, this variation of poker is his go-to choice when he wants to play a game of poker.
His name was kept hidden until January of 2011, when he became a member of the PokerStars professional team.

The events of Blom’s life are filled with both soul-crushing lows and exciting highs. It is not unusual to hear that he made or lost millions of dollars overnight in a single transaction. Blom, who is just twenty-four years old, is suspected of having the potential to become a poker legend in the making. Despite his young age, big things are anticipated from Blom in the years to come.

In the Beginning

In September of 1990, close to the city of Gothenburg in Sweden, Viktor Blom was born into this world. He had two elder sisters and an older brother called Sebastian who came before him in the sibling order. He was the youngest of three children.
When Viktor Blom was just 14 years old, his elder brother taught him how to play No-limit Texas Hold’em. His brother was astonished by how fast Viktor picked up the game, and he continued to teach him how to play for the rest of his life.

Because Blom had such a good time playing poker, he convinced several of his classmates to join him in a game during their lunch break at school for a buy-in of five dollars. There was a time when more than twenty-five pupils were consistently present with him.

Blom and his brother came to the conclusion that they should each have their own account at a different online poker room around the time of Blom’s subsequent birthday. They started out well by finishing sixth in a multi-table event, which earned them $300. This kind of money was a significant windfall for them at the time.

Blom eventually obtained his very own account on, which was created for him by his brother under the moniker Blom90. Blom was not hesitant to take chances, as seen by his consistent participation in $500 sit-and-go events.
After just a few short months of playing poker online, he had already amassed a profit of more than $275,000. Blom continued to put himself in dangerous situations by constantly raising the stakes of his games. He finally lost his whole bankroll, which was a terrible blow to him and ultimately led to his taking a significant hiatus from poker.

A Career in Online Poker

Blom returned to the game with full vigor and reactivated his account at after taking a break of almost one year. It took him just two days to turn his initial payment of $2500 into more than $200,000, and by the time he had reached the two-week milestone, he had accumulated a total profit of $1.7 million.
However, during those first two weeks, he did not have a great deal of success, and as a result, he went to look for a new site.

It was at this time that Blom became familiar with Full Tilt Poker and genuinely began to attract the attention of other players. His screen handle was Isildur1, and he began playing poker against well-known pros like Phil Ivey and Patrik Antonius almost immediately, all the while keeping his actual identity a mystery.

His exceedingly aggressive style included a significant emphasis on reraises as well as massive bluffs. Under the screen name Isildur1, Blom entered the 2008 Scandinavian Poker Awards, where he was considered a candidate for the rookie of the year title. However, Blom did not show up because he was concerned that word of his identity would get back to the United States.

Blom would often win and lose millions of dollars in the span of just a few short days, and he would always take significant risks along the way. Blom even challenged Phil Ivey, one of the most well-known poker players in the world, to a game of No-Limit Hold’em, in which he ended up losing more than three million dollars. Despite his accomplishment, Blom was humbled to learn that Ivey had described Isildur1 as the most difficult opponent he had ever faced in an interview. This made Blom feel honored.






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