A Brief History of Cryptographic Software

The Canadian brothers Andrew and Mark Rivkin established Cryptologic in 1995, and it quickly became one of the most successful software developers for online casinos. Over 2.5 million players utilize this secure financial transaction system currently, and the Rivkin brothers have become one of the most successful online gambling software providers as a result of their work. Initially, they established a base of operations in the basement of their parents’ home in order to develop an application for safe electronic transactions.

Although Cryptologic and Microgaming share the title of “granddaddy of online casinos,” some people still refer to Cryptologic as “the granddaddy of online casinos.” As the business expanded throughout the formative years of the online casino sector, it established strong licensing ties and even went so far as to become a publicly listed company. This was all accomplished while the industry was still in its infancy. However, as a result of poor management, the corporation experienced declining profits in succeeding years.

As a consequence of this, Cryptologic was acquired and salvaged by Amaya Gaming in 2012, a firm that has one of the widest reaches in the globe and is one of the few allowed in territories deemed no go areas by many other online casinos. Amaya Gaming has one of the few allowed in territories considered no go areas by other online casinos.

Variety of Playable Games

Over 200 different casino games are offered by Cryptologic to players at some of the most reputable online casinos in Canada. Its extensive selection includes games such as multi-player Bingo, traditional card and table games, fantastic progressive jackpot games, and some of the most popular slot machines currently available on the internet. The Marvel Slots from Cryptologic, which include Spider-Man, the Punisher, and the Incredible Hulk, are among the company’s most well regarded video games.


Players get the ability to experience the excitement of online slots while interacting with some of their favorite comic book characters with these games. Additionally, Cryptologic was successful in reaching a deal with Capcom to include the company’s most well-known game, Street Fighter II, into the realm of online video slot machines. gamers that enjoy playing video slots often choose to play Cryptologic’s version of Batman or The Last Son of Krypton, which is the company’s take on Superman. Both of these games are highly well liked by gamers. Cryptologic is well-known for being the first company to publish games of this kind, long before its competitors ever became aware that they were doing it.


This helps to explain why some of these games can appear to be somewhat basic in their design. They have also developed video slot games based on some of the movies that are considered to be cinematic all-time greats, such as Braveheart, Forrest Gump, and Ferris Buller’s Day Off. It is well known that Cryptologic Progressive games have been responsible for the payout of some of the largest Jackpots in the history of online gaming. With jackpots that may reach up to $5 million, Millionaire Club is likely the most popular of Cryptologic’s Progressive Slots.


Take a look at the online casinos that we’ve selected just for you if you want to make the most of everything that this particular software brand has to offer players like you.


The State of the Game


In addition to providing players with some fantastic benefits, Cryptologic’s games ensure that players will have a satisfying time playing online games regardless of the operating system they choose to employ. Players have the option of downloading the casino software or accessing the games through flash casinos. Regardless of how they play, players will feel as though they are in a genuine casino in Las Vegas. Although Cryptologic is not exactly in the same league as competitors Playtech and Microgaming, the graphics are of an exceedingly good quality, and the sound effects give you the impression that you are in the center of the action.


The passage of time has resulted in the emergence of an increasing number of rivals, some of which include NetEnt, Betsoft, NextGen, Play’nGo, and IGT Interactive, to mention a few. As a direct consequence of this, Cryptologic now operates in a gaming environment in which the company’s history holds a significantly greater amount of weight. The fact that many of Cryptologic’s players are of an older age can be attributed to the fact that players have a tendency to have a fondness that dates back to the early years of the organization.


That Which We Adore

Cryptologic was the first company to offer multi-player games like blackjack and roulette, and the company still maintains its position as the market leader in this sector. The massive Progressive Jackpots offered by Cryptologic are another reason we are huge fans of the software. These jackpots regularly turn ordinary people like you and me into millionaires.


What It Is That We Do Not Love

We are disappointed to report that Cryptologic does not currently host any tournaments. If you’re fortunate, winning a slots tournament can result in a significant financial windfall. The passing of the years has not always been kind to Cryptologic; a great deal of the company’s games are beginning to show their age. Having said that, Cryptologic still provides a respectable diversity, which includes some really unusual games, particularly in their slots game sector, guaranteeing that there is something for everyone despite the fact that there is something for everyone.


Our Verdict

The fact that Cryptologic, which was once known as Wagerlogic, is a legitimate company is the primary reason we recommend this software development for casinos. This particular brand is one of our favorites since it offers a wide variety of games, ranging from traditional table games to slot machines with progressive jackpots, Bingo, and everything in between. Because Cryptologic is always one step ahead of the competition and because it has introduced some of the most innovative titles ever, we regard them as an even brighter star than we did before.






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